Adventure 98 :The Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum

(This adventure was taken before co-vid-19 put a stop to our ability to travel.} I have visited the Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum several times in the past. After our visit to the Benjamin Harrison Presidential House, Rooster and I decided to make a return trip to the historical location where The Prophet waged war against … Continue reading Adventure 98 :The Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum

Adventure 96: How Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse

I staggered into work on Monday morning, still hungover from the Daylight Savings Time change on Sunday. We'd endured a futile search Friday and Saturday looking for hand sanitizer and bleach. Rumors speculated the Coronavirus had reached American soil. We thought we'd play it smart and get prepared for its arrival. Everyone else in town … Continue reading Adventure 96: How Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse